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Friendship sayings in Islam

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) stated, "The believer is like 
a mirror to other believers (in truthfulness)." Like a 
mirror, your friend gives you an honest image. 

He forgives your mistakes, but does not hide or 
exaggerate your strengths and weaknesses.

Once the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was asked, 
"What person can be the best friend?" "He who helps 
you remember Allah (SWT), and reminds you when you 
forget Him," the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), counseled.

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was further asked, 
"Who is the best among people?" Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) 
replied, "He who, when you look at him, you remember 
Allah (SWT)". Such a friend reflects qualities of love, mercy, 
honesty, service, patience, optimism, professionalism, 
and the entire lifestyle taught by Islam.

Imam Ali (as) Says: "The poor is one who does not 
have any friend."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Live amongst people in such a manner 
that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive 
they crave for your company (friendship)."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Friendship transfers a stranger 
in to a relative."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Do not choose as your friend 
the enemy of your friend."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Two true friends are a single soul in 
different bodies."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "He who discards a friend for slight 
offence risks loneliness."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "In time of distress a man can 
distinguished between his friend and enemy."

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) Says: "Be careful to have 
truthful friends and try to obtain them, for they are 
your support when you are in welfare, and your advocator 
when you have misfortune."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Be not friend with a fool, for he will 
harm you while meaning to do good to you."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "It is better to listen to a wise enemy 
than to seek counsel from a foolish friend."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Keep away from friendship of liar 
surely he will show you as near what is far from you and 
will show as far what is near you."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "O' Kumayl! Say what is just in any 
condition. Be friends with the righteous and avoid 
the evil doers, stay away from the hypocrites and 
do not accompany the treacherous."

Imam Sajjad (as) Says: "Beware of the companionship of 
the sinful, and helping of the unjust."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "If a friend envies you, then he is not 
a true friend."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Verily, there are three (types of) 
friends for a Muslim,

1) The friend who says: I am with you whether you are alive 

or dead', and this is his deed.

2) The friend who says: I am with you unto the threshold 

of your grave and then I will leave you', and this is his children.

3) The friend who says: I will be with you until when you die', 
and this is his wealth which will belong to the inheritors 
when he dies."

Imam Ali (as) Says: "He who is deserted by friends and 
relatives will often find help and sympathy from strangers."

Imam Hassan (as) Says: "Befriend people in the same manner
 you would like them to befriend you."

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) Says: "Be the friend of him who may 
grace you, not of one whom you are better than." 
(Viz. make friends with ones who are higher than you so 
that you progress.)

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) Says: "My most beloved brother is 
he who (makes me aware of) my faults."

Imam Hassan Askari (as) Says: "Those who advise their 
friend secretly are respecting them, and those who advise 
them openly are humiliating them."

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) has narrated from his father 
Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) who said his father 
Imam Sajjad (as) stated: "O' my son! Beware of five (groups) 
and do not seek companionship (friendship) with them, 
do not speak with them, and do not make friends 
with them on (the) way."

Then, Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) asked his father 
who they were and might he introduces them to him. 
Imam Sajjad (as) responded:

1) "Beware of and do not associate with the one who tells lies. 

He is as a mirage which makes near for you what is far, 

and makes far to you what is near."

2) "Beware of and do not associate with an immoral person, 
because he will sell you at the price of a morsel or less 

than that."

3) "Beware of and do not associate with a miser because he 
will deprive you of his wealth when you are seriously in need 

of it."

4) "Beware of and do not associate with a fool, because 

he wants to be of avail to you but he harms you."

5) "Beware of and do not associate with the one who 
disregards his kinfolks, because I found him (such a person) 
cursed in the Book Allah, Almighty and Glorious, in three 
occurrences." They are: 

(Sura Al-Baqarah, 2:27; Sura Ar-Rad, 13:25; and 
Sura Muhammad, 47:22).

Wise Golden Sayings by Hazrat Imam Ali AS part-2

1) Wo gunah jis ka tumhein ranj ho,
Allah k nazdeeq us nayki se behtar hai
Jis se tum main ghuroor paida ho jaye.
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

2) Kisi ne Hazrat Ali A.S. se poocha:
"Dost aur bhai main kya farq hai?"
Aap ne farmaya:
"Bhai sona hai aur dost heera hai."
Us aadmi ne kaha:
"Aap ne bhai ko kam qeemat aur
dost ko qeemti cheez se kyun tashbeeh di?"
To aap ne farmaya:
"Sone main agar darar aa jaye to us ko pighla kar
bilkul pehlay jaisa banaya ja sakta hai.
Jab ke heeray main aik darar aa jai to
wo kabhi bhi pehlay jaisa nahi ban sakta.'
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

3) Hazrat Ali A.S. Ka Farmaan Hey:-
"Bura Dost Aag Ki Manind Hy"
"Agr Jalta Hoga To Apko Jala Dega"
"Or Agr Bujha Hoga To Aap K Hath Kale Kar Dega.
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

4) Aazmaye Hue Ko Azmana
Bewakufi He.
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

5) Logon Ki Zaroraton Ka Tum Se
Wabasta Hona Tum Per ALLAH Ki Enyat Hai.
(Imam Hussain A.S.)

6) Hazrat Ali A.S. Says
Apne Dushman Ko 1000 Dafa Moqa Do Ke
Wo Tumhara Dost Ban Jaaye
Per Apne Dost Ko Ek Bhi Moqa Na Do
Ke Wo Tumhara Dushman Banay
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

7) sab se bara gunah wo he jo
karne walay ki nazar me chota ho
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

8) Ghareeb wo hai jis ka koi dost na ho.
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

9) Jub meri DUA kabol ho tu mein khush hota houn
k is main meri marzi hai aur
Jub kabol na ho tu mein aur khus hota houn
k ye ALLAh ki marzi hai
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

10) Agar tum kisi ko chota dekh rahe ho,
to tum use door se dekh rahe ho,
Ya phir gharoor se dekh rahe ho
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

11) Allah k nazdek sab say ziada gunah gar
chez jhoot bolnay wali zuban he.
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

12) Ghulab ka phool bano
 Kyonki yeh phool us k haath me bhi
Khushboo chor daita hain jo Isey masal kar phaikh daita hai
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

13) Main Jannat K Shouq Main ebadat Nahe Kerta,
Kyon ke Ye Ebadat Nahe Tijarat Hay
Main Dozakh Ke Khoof Say Ebadat Nahe Kerta,
Kyon ke ye Ebadat Nahe.Ghulami Hai..
Main Ebadat Sirf Is Liye Kerta hon...
Kyon ke Mera RuB ebadat K LayeQ Hai......
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

14) Aik Shakhs Ne Hazrat Ali A.S. Sey Poocha,
Q: Qarib Kya Hai?
A: Qayamat

Q: Or Qareeb Ter?
A: Maut

Q: Ajeeb Kya HAi?
A: Duniya

Q: Aur Ajeeb Tar?
A: Talib-e-Duniya

Q: Wajib Kya Hai?
A; Toba

Q: Or Wajib Tar?
A: Gunah K Forun Bad Toba

Q: Mushkil Kya Hai?
A: Qaber Mein Utrna

Q: Or Mushkil Tar?
A: Amal K Bagair Utrna
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

15) Apni zuban ki tezi us per mat azmao
Jis ne tumhen bolna sekhaya
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

16)  "Sub se Ziyada Kamzor Aadmi wo he
 Jo Dost ko Haasil karne me Naakaam ho,
Aur us se bhi Ziyada Kamzor Wo he
Jo Haath aai howe DOST ko ganwa de"
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

17) 2 cheezein saari zindagi kaam ayengi,
1.  Ghussay ki halat mein koi faisla mat karo!

2.  Khushi ki haalat mein koi wada mat kro!
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

18) Dunya Daron ki Sohbat ikhtyar Na karo
  Kyon ke Agar tu Tang-dast huwa to
  Ye tujhe Chorh Denge Or agar to
  Dolat-mand huwa to Tujh se Hasad karen gay.
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

19) "Yeh na socho k ALLAH dua foran qabool kyun nahi karta,
        yeh shukar karo k ALLAH hamaray
        gunaahon ki saza foran nahi deta.."
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)

20) 4 Batain Elim Ka Nichour Hain,

1.) ALLAH Ki Itni Ebadat Karo Jitni Tumhain ALLAH Ki Zaroret Hay.
2.) ALLAH Ki Nafermani Itni Karo Jitna Allah K Azaab Per Saber Ker Saktey Ho..
3.) Dunya K Liye Itna Amal KAro Jitna K Tumhain Dunya Mian Rehna Hai,,
4.) Aakhrat K Liye Itna AMal Karo Jitna K Tmhain Wahan Rehna Hain....!!!
-Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.)


Collected From Nahjul Balagha Book by Hazrat Ali A.S
and Translated into Urdu

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wise Golden Sayings by Hazrat Imam Ali AS

Din ki roshni mein rizq talash karo,
Aur raat ki tareeqi mein,
Usse talash karo,
Jo tumhein rizq deta hai.
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Agar kisi ka zarf aazmana ho to zyada izzat do..
woh aala zarf hua to aapko aur zyada izzat dega
aur kam zarf hua to khud ko aala samjhe ga

By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Kisi ko tum chaho aur woh tumhein thukra day,
Yeh uski badnaseebi hai.
Koi tumhein na chahey aur tum
Usse zaberdasti apna banana chaho,
Yeh tumhare nafs ki zillat hai
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Mere Allah, meri izzat ke liye yehi kafi hai
ke mein tera banda hun aur mere fakhar ke liye
yehi kafi hai ke tu mera parwardigar hai..
tu waisa he hai jaisa mein chahta hun..
bas tu mujh ko waisa bana day jaisa tu chahta hai
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Insaan dukh nahin deta,
Insaanoun say wabasta umeedein dukh deti hein.
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Agar kisi ka banna chahtey ho,
To poori haqeeqat say ban jao,
Warna apni zaat mein aisi haqeeqat paida karlo ke,
Koi haqeeqat mein tumhara ban jaye.
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Momin woh nahin jis ki mehfil paak ho,
Momin woh hai jis ki tanhaii paak ho.
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

5 cheezon ki 5 jaga par hifazat karo:
1. mehfil mein zubaan ki
2. bazaar mein aankh ki
3. namaz mein dil ki
4. dastarkhwan mein pait ki
5. nigah mein haya ki
By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

3 cheezein insaan ko Allah se door karti hein
1. apne aamaal ko zyada samajhna
2. apne gunhaoun ko bhool jana
3. apne aapko sab se behtar samajhna

By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

6 cheezein amal ko zaya karti hein:
1. logon ke aaib talash karna
2. Dil ki sakhti
3. Dunya ki mohabbat
4. Haya ki kammi
5. Lambi umeed.
6. Zulm

By Hazrat Imam Ali (AS).

Reference: Sourced from Nahjul Balagah - The Peak of Eloquence